ClearNeed Products + Services

Electronic Fingerprinting
When you need immediate results and you can’t risk not knowing for sure, electronic fingerprint based criminal history screening is your answer.
How it works
ClearNeed maintains a network of Affiliates across Canada who can assist you in the preparation and submission of applications requiring Criminal background Checks › MORE
Federal Government Departments
ClearNeed has created a unique offering for Federal Government departments throughout Canada that will allow them to implement electronic background screening without capital costs. › MORE
Name Checks
Name Checks are a quick, cost effective alternative to fingerprint based screening, but it is up to you to determine the possible risk that you may not really be certain of an individual’s identity.
How it works
An individual’s name and date of birth are compared against the RCMP’s database of convicted criminals to search for a match. In the event of a possible match, you will be required to submit fingerprints to be certain that the individual you are screening is/or is not the one found in the criminal history database. › MORE
Paper Print Conversion
Card Scan is a high reliability alternative that is cost effective for very remote or low volume fingerprinting requirements.
How it works
ClearNeed Affiliates provide verification services to individuals and corporations through authorized access to pertinent database records. Consent of the individual or entity whose information is being verified is required in order to access this service. › MORE