Electronic Fingerprinting

When you need immediate results and you can’t risk not knowing for sure, electronic fingerprint based criminal history screening is your answer.

CPIC Check

CPIC checks an individual’s name and date of birth are compared against the RCMP database of convicted criminals to search for a match. In the event of a possible match, you will be required to submit fingerprints to be certain that the individual you are screening is/or is not the one found in the criminal history database.

Paper Print Conversion

Card Scan is a service available to affiliates who have a low volume of International fingerprint submissions.

Affiliate Services

ClearNeed has developed a process to assist our Affiliates to be recognized by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) as an accredited fingerprinting agency.

Our Facilities

We have had a long standing tradition of protection of privacy. We have the most stringent physical and network security in our industry as well as extensive backup power generation and disaster recovery capability.

About ClearNeed

ClearNeed is an RCMP Certified and Accredited Canadian Company making Live Scan Fingerprint solutions available to Fingerprinting Agencies and Corporate Clients for rapid and secure electronic processing of record searches.