Ink and roll fingerprinting has been the hallmark of criminal history checks for years. Most corporate/departmental security officers still process fingerprints in this fashion. An experienced fingerprint taker can capture exceptional quality prints using this method.

If your volume doesn’t warrant purchasing a dual system, affiliates have the option of sending all required documents to ClearNeed’s head office to be digitized into an electronic submission to the RCMP.

How it works

ClearNeed Affiliates provide verification services to individuals and corporations through authorized access to pertinent database records. Consent of the individual or entity whose information is being verified is required in order to access this service.

How it’s provided

Information is collected from individuals, including biometric consent, by our Affiliates. This information and the data requiring verification is submitted securely to our servers in Hamilton. The verification response is returned to the individual or their designated third party such as a lawyer or lender.

How to use the service

Simply call or visit a ClearNeed Affiliate to learn more about this service. If you are unable to locate an Affiliate in your area please contact ClearNeed directly and we will be able to accommodate your needs.


Please contact our Affiliates directly for a list of verification services and their associated prices. If you are unable to locate an Affiliate in your area please contact us directly and we will provide prompt assistance.