Name based criminal record checks are processed by searching The Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) system. It consists of a check based solely on a persons name and date of birth. This is also referred to as a Name Check or Criminal Background Search.

How it works

An individual’s name and date of birth are compared against the RCMP’s database of convicted criminals to search for a match. In the event of a possible match you will be required to submit fingerprints to be certain that the individual you are screening is/or is not the one found in the criminal history database.

How it’s provided

These services are available at any of our extensive network of Affiliates. The information is collected remotely and transmitted by secure communications to our headquarter facilities in Hamilton where it will reside until it is needed. A result will be available within 48 hours.

How to use the service

Simply call or visit a ClearNeed Affiliate to learn more about this service. If you are unable to locate an Affiliate in your area please contact ClearNeed directly and we will be able to accommodate your needs.


Please contact our Affiliates directly for a list of verification services and their associated prices. If you are unable to locate an Affiliate in your area please contact us directly and we will provide prompt assistance.