When you need immediate results and you can’t risk not knowing for sure, electronic fingerprint-based criminal history screening is your answer.

It is more important then ever to know who you are hiring. Foreign governments are increasing their security requirements for business relationships and travel. Protection of intellectual property is critical for knowledge based industries. You need to be able to check citizenship, employment records, visas and foreign work permits as well as criminal records. ClearNeed employs enhanced encryption and network security standards.

CPIC Checks are a quick, cost-effective alternative to fingerprint-based screening, but it is up to you to determine the possible risk that you may not really be certain of an individual’s identity. Name checks have been common practice for years as a quick way of screening that a known individual does not have a criminal record.

Card Scan is a high-reliability alternative that is cost-effective for very remote or low volume fingerprinting requirements.

Ink and roll fingerprinting have been the hallmark of criminal history checks for years. Most corporate/departmental security officers still process fingerprints in this fashion. An experienced fingerprint taker can capture exceptional quality prints using this method.

If your volume doesn’t warrant purchasing a dual system, affiliates have the option of sending all required documents to ClearNeed’s head office to be digitized into an electronic submission to the RCMP.

ClearNeed, founded in 2004, provides quick response systems and RCMP connectivity for fingerprint-based certified criminal record verification. It is all we do, and we do it well! We are the leader in first-time quality, on-time delivery, and system availability.

No provider has more Federal Government installations than ClearNeed. We also provide systems to a growing number of private fingerprinting agencies.